ITS 2021 Call for Tutorial Proposals

The ITS2021 Conference invites individuals and groups to propose tutorials. Tutorials should provide an introduction and possibly in-depth treatment of an ITS2021 topic under the guidance of an experienced researcher.

Submission Process: Proposers must email their proposal in Word or pdf format to Prof. Daniela Romano:

Proposal Format for Tutorials at the ITS2021 Conference

Proposals should be submitted in English. They should be up to 3 pages long, and include:

    • That it is a Tutorial proposal

    • Title of the event

    • Organizers’ names and affiliations

    • Preferred length (half day or full day)

    • Theme and goals, indicating why the topic is timely and relevant

    • Description of the content to be covered. The content should be appropriate and at the right level for ITS attendees.

    • Intended audience, including information about how many attendees are reasonable for this event (is there a maximum or a minimum number of attendees for this event?)

    • The expected background of the attendees – Do they need particular background
      knowledge or software?

    • Evidence of interest, such as a list of people who have said they are likely to participate or send students

    • Description of the format and activities planned. Tutorials do not have to be 100% lecture. Activities, where attendees can apply what they learned are very helpful.

    • Expected outcomes. What will attendees learn? Please describe outcomes in terms of expected knowledge and/or skills acquired.

    • Relevant experience of the organizers, both at presenting, and as experts in the subject matter. In addition to past papers written and tutorials run, classes you may have taught in the area are very germane here.

    • Video/audio facilities and other equipment needed

Note: Based on the pre-registrations, tutorial chairs may identify and cancel undersubscribed tutorials in advance.