Call for Workshop Papers 


Title: Intelligent Tutor Demonstrations

Chairs: Mihai Dascalu, Amruth Kumar, and Daniela M. Romano

This is an interactive session in which participants are invited to demonstrate their intelligent tutoring system (whether completed or work in progress) for 10 minutes, followed by feedback and questions from the audience for 10 minutes.

This workshop is an invaluable opportunity for researchers to showcase their tutor and obtain formative feedback, whether their tutor is completed or in developmental stage. It is also meant to help researchers present their ideas, clarify their design, and get feedback on the design, implementation, and evaluation of their intelligent tutor.

Interested presenters must submit a short description of the system (max 1 A4 page) that includes:

  • the topic and domain of the tutor;
  • the type of pedagogic activity facilitated by the tutor (solving problems/visualizing behavior, etc.);
  • the type(s) of feedback provided by the tutor;
  • a description of inner and outer loops;
  • how the tutor has been instrumented to collect data;
  • facilities set up to evaluate the collected data;
  • current results (if any) on the evaluations of the tutor;
  • implementation details of the tutor;
  • novel technologies used for implementation;
  • comparison of the tutor vis-a-vis other tutors for the same topic and pedagogic activity;
  • plans for the availability and third-party usage.

The description must also include either a screenshot or a mock-up of the tutor.

Participation in this event is free of charge for both registrants and non-registrants of the conference.

To submit, please email Mihai Dascalu with the subject line: “ITS2021 Demonstration proposal”