ITS 2021 Call for Workshop Proposals

The ITS2021 Conference invites individuals and groups to propose workshops. Workshops are intended to bring together groups of researchers from around the world who have shared interests. They are meant as a venue for the development of ideas and interests, sometimes leading to collaboration, grants and publications.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

  • tools (e.g., tools for more effective, efficient, and enjoyable ITS interactions; analysis tools for researchers),

  • practices (e.g., teacher best practices; the analysis of student practice),
  • theories (e.g., learning, cognition, teaching, practice) and
  • methods (e.g., research approaches, techniques, methodologies).

ITS2021 invites both types of workshops:

  • “Classical workshops,” during which early work is presented in an informal, “mini conference” style

  • Workshops that are highly interactive “working meetings” for a group of people, designed to work together collaboratively on a theme of shared interest.

Submission Process: Proposers must email their proposal in Word or pdf format to Prof. Mihai Dascalu,

Proposal Format for Workshops at the ITS2021 Conference

Proposals should be submitted in English. They should be between 2-4 pages long, and include:

  • That it is a Workshop proposal
  • Title of the event
  • Organizers’ names and affiliations
  • Preferred length (half day or full day)
  • Theme and goals, indicating why the topic is timely and relevant
  • Intended audience, including the expected number of attendees, and whether you will enforce a maximum or a minimum number of attendees for this event.

  • List of potential attendees and presenters. This should include people who have said they are likely to participate or send students. The goal is to convince us that there is interest and that the workshop will draw a sufficient number of participants.

  • Brief description of the format and activities
  • Participation requirements (e.g., prerequisites such as submission of a position paper, expected behavior during the event, or a commitment to contribute to a joint publication after the event)

  • For workshops that will solicit papers, a preliminary program committee.
  • Relevant experience of the organizers with respect to the topic of the workshop
  • Video/audio facilities needed

Note: Based on the pre-registrations, workshop chairs may identify and cancel undersubscribed workshops in advance.