Day 3





Keynote Speech: TBA



Session 5: Student Prediction  Session Chair: TBA

Ahmed Alamri, Zhongtian Sun, Alexandra I. Cristea, Craig Stewart, Filipe Dwan Pereira
#69: Next week dropout prediction in MOOCs: weekly assessment of time and learning patterns (FP)

Tahani Aljohani, Alexandra I. Cristea
#52: Training Temporal and NLP Features via Extremely Randomised Trees for Educational Level Classification (FP)

Laila Alrajhi, Ahmed Alamri, Filipe Dwan Pereira, Alexandra I. Cristea
#51: Urgency Analysis of Learners’ Comments: an Automated Intervention Priority Model for MOOC (FP)

Efthyvoulos Drousiotis, Lei Shi, Simon Maskell
#24: Early Predictor for Student Success Based on Behavioural and Demographical Indicators (FP)

Mohammad Alshehri, Ahmed Alamri, Alexandra I. Cristea
#66: Predicting Certification in MOOCs based on Students’ Weekly Activities (FP)


Mona Alotaibi, Mike Joy
#46: Internet of Things (IoT) Based Support System for Diabetic Learners in Saudi Arabian High Schools (P)































Session 6 : Extended Reality  Session Chair: TBA

Alessia Genovese, Federica Marino, Francesco Orciuoli, Gennaro Zanfardino
#57: ARDNA: a Mobile App based on Augmented Reality for supporting knowledge exploration in learning scenarios Predicting Certification in MOOCs based on Students’ Weekly Activities (SP)

Kodjine Dare, Hamdi Ben Abdessalem, Claude Frasson
#62: Extraction of 3D Pose in Video for Building Virtual Learning Avatars (SP)

Muhamad Irfan Rosli, Zarina Che Embi, Dr. Junaidi Abdullah
#58: A Non-immersive Virtual Reality Application for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (SP)


Sarah Alshamrani
#74: Using Augmented Reality in Computing Higher Education (P)


Session 7: Concept Maps   Session Chair: TBA

Junya Morita, Yoshimasa Ohmoto, Yugo Hayashi
#18: Integrating Knowledge in Collaborative Concept Mapping: Cases in an Online Class Setting (SP)


Victor Uglev, Oleg Sychev
#11: Creating and Visualising Cognitive Maps of Knowledge Diagnosis During the Processing of Learning Digital Footprint (P)


Carla Limongelli, Carmine Margiotta, Davide Taibi
#19: Towards Semantic Comparison of Concept Maps for Structuring Learning Activities (P)


Jingyun Wang, Hiroaki Ogata
#35: An evaluation of a meaningful discovery learning support system for supporting E-book user in pair learning. (P)






Session 8: Feedback and Personalisation  Session Chair: TBA

Seounghun Kim, Woojin Kim, Hyeoncheol Kim
#8: Learning Path Construction Using Reinforcement Learning and Bloom’s Taxonomy. (FP)

Victor J. Marin, Maheen Riaz Contractor, Carlos Rivero
#42: Flexible Program Alignment to Deliver Data-Driven Feedback to Novice Programmers (FP)


Ilya Posov, Sergei Pozdniakov, Anton Chukhnov
#61: Interaction of human cognitive mechanisms and “computational intelligence” in systems that support teaching mathematics. (SP)

Victor J. Marin, Hadi Hosseini, Carlos Rivero
#72: Customizing Feedback using Semantic Clusters. (SP)

Mohammad Niknazar, Aditya Vempaty, Ravi Kokku
#56: Voice Privacy with Smart Digital Assistants in Educational Settings. (P)

Laurentiu Neagu, Eric Rigaud, Vincent Guarnieri, Sebastien Travadel, Mihai Dascalu

#59: Selfit – An Intelligent Tutoring System for Psychomotor Development. (P)


19:40 End of Session