Key Note Speakers

Keynote Speech

Title: The return of Intelligent Textbooks

Abstract: Early research on hypermedia learning and Web-based education featured a strong stream of work on intelligent and adaptive textbooks, which combined the knowledge modeling ideas from the field of intelligent tutoring with rich linking offered by the hypermedia and the Web. However, over the next ten years from 2005 to 2015 this area was relatively quiet as the focus of research in e-learning has shifted to other topics and other creative ideas to leverage the power of Internet. A recent gradual shift of the whole publication industry from printed books to electronic books followed by a rapid growth or the volume of online books re-ignited interests to  “more intelligent” textbooks. The research on the new generation of intelligent textbooks engaged a larger set of technologies and engaged scholars from a broader range of areas including machine learning, natural language understanding, social computing, etc. In my talk I will review the past and present of research on intelligent textbooks from its origins to the diverse modern work providing examples of most interesting technologies and research results.