Day 2



Keynote Speaker: Prof.  Peter Brusilovsky

Title: The return of Intelligent Textbooks

11:00-12:30 Session 2:  Theory and Reviews Session Chair: TBA

Ryan Hodgson, Alexandra I. Cristea, Lei Shi, John Graham
#64: Wide-scale Automatic Analysis of 20 Years of ITS Research (FP)

Zhongtian Sun, Anoushka Harit, Jialin Yu, Alexandra I. Cristea, Lei Shi

#70: A Brief Survey of Deep Learning Approaches for Learning Analytics on MOOCs (SP)


MARINA AIVAZIDI, Christos Michalakelis

#60: Exploring the Barriers of Educational Innovation (SP)


Konstantinos Karampidis, Athina Trigoni, Giorgos Papadourakis, Maria Christofaki, Nuno Escudeiro

#48:  Difficulties and disparities to distance learning during Covid-19 period for deaf students – A proposed method to eradicate inequalities  (P)



13:00-15:40 Session 3: Games and Gamification  Session Chair: TBA

Elad Yacobson, Armando Toda, Alexandra I. Cristea, Giora Alexandron
#68: Encouraging Teacher-sourcing of Social Recommendations Through Participatory Gamification Design (FP)


Mohamed Sahbi Benlamine, Claude Frasson
#73: Confusion detection within a 3D adventure game (FP)


Kamilla Tenório, Bruno Lemos, Pedro Nascimento, Rodrigo Santos Silva, Alexandre Machado, Diego Dermeval, Ranilson Paiva, Seiji Isotani
#28: Learning and Gamification Dashboards: a Mixed-Method Study with Teachers (FP)


Tong Mu, Shuhan Wang, Erik Andersen, Emma Brunskill
#32: An Automatic Adaptive Sequencing in a Webgame (SP)

Amruth Kumar
#9: Do Students Use Semantics When Solving Parsons Puzzles? – A Log-Based Investigation (SP)

Christos Troussas, Akrivi Krouska, Filippos Giannakas, Cleo Sgouropoulou, Ioannis Voyiatzis
#33: Representation of generalized human cognitive abilities in a sophisticated student leaderboard (P)


Grigoreta Cojocar, Adriana Guran, Laura Diosan
#55: Towards Smart Edutainment Applications for Young Children. A Proposal (P)





17:00-19:00 Session 4: Groups, Teams, Social, Crowd and Communities

Session Chair: TBAFilippos Giannakas, Christos Troussas, Akrivi Krouska, Cleo Sgouropoulou, Ioannis Voyiatzis
#21:XGBoost & Deep Neural Network comparison: The case of teams’ performance (SP)

Tao wu, Maiga Chang
#13: The Influence of Five Personality Traits on the Interactive Model of Online Group Formation (SP)

Stefano A. Cerri, Philippe Lemoisson
#10: Sovereignty by personalization of information search: collective wisdom influences my knowledge (SP)


Fidelia Orji, Julita Vassileva
#39: A Comparative Evaluation of the Effect of Social Comparison, Competition, and Social Learning in Persuasive Technology on Learning (SP)


Fabio Gasparetti, Filippo Sciarrone, Marco Temperini
#86: Using Graph Embedding to Monitor Communities of Learners (SP)


Karima Boussaha, Samia Drissi
#5: New Horizons on Online Tutoring System Inspired by Teaching Strategies and Learning Styles (P)



19:00 End of Session