Day 4






Keynote Speaker: Spyros Vosinakis

Title: Extended Reality Technologies in Education: Moving beyond the “Wow” factor


Session 9:  Emotions and Affect   Session Chair: TBA

Soelaine Rodrigues Ascari, Andrey Pimentel, Ernani Gottardo
#25: Tutorial Intervention’s Affective Model Based on Learner’s Error Identification in Intelligent Tutoring Systems (FP)


Doru Anastasiu Popescu, Gabriel Ciprian Stanciu, Daniel Nijloveanu
#15: Evaluation test generator using a list of keywords (FP)

Filipe Dwan Pereira, Hermino Junior, Luiz Rodriguez, Armando Toda, Elaine Harada Teixeira de Oliveira, Alexandra I. Cristea, David Oliveira, Leandro Carvalho, Samuel Fonseca, Ahmed Alamri, Seiji Isotani
#27: A recommender system based on effort: towards minimising negative affects and maximising achievement in CS1 learning (FP)

Mahsa Aghajani, Hamdi Ben Abdessalem, Claude Frasson

#34: Voice Emotion Recognition in Real Time Applications (SP)

Moh’d A. M. Abuazizeh, Kristina Yordanova, Thomas Kirste
#40: Affect-aware Conversational Agent for Intelligent Tutoring of Students in Nursing Subjects (P)



14:00-16:25 Session 10: Learner Behaviour  Session Chair: TBA

Khulood Alharbi, Alexandra I. Cristea, Lei Shi, Peter Tymms, Chris Brown
#41: Agent-based Simulation of the Classroom Environment to Gauge the Effect of Inattentive or Disruptive Students (FP)


Alejandra Ruiz Segura, Susanne Lajoie
#47: Expert, Novice, and Intermediate Performance: Exploring the Relationship Between Clinical Reasoning Behaviors and Diagnostic Performance (FP)

Sungeun An, William Broniec, Spencer Rugaber, Emily Weigel, Jennifer Hammock, Ashok Goel
#30: Recognizing Novice Learners’ Modeling Behaviors (FP)

Rita Kuo, Ted Krahn, Maiga Chang
#26: Behaviour Analytics – A Moodle Plug-in to Visualize Students’ Learning Patterns (SP)


Yoshimasa Ohmoto, Shigen Shimojo, Junya Morita, Yugo Hayashi
#29: Investigating Clues for Estimating ICAP States based on Learners’ Behavioural Data during Collaborative Learning (SP)

Komi Sodoke, Roger Nkambou, Issam Tanoubi, Aude Dufresne
#87: Toward an ITS to enhance novice clinician situational awareness based on expert perception behaviors in clinical reasoning (P)



17:00-19:10 Session 11: Models    Session Chair: TBA

Seounghun Kim, Woojin Kim, Heeseok Jung, Hyeoncheol Kim
#7: DiKT: Dichotomous Knowledge Tracing (FP)

Jialin Yu, Laila Alrajhi, Anoushka Harit, Zhongtian Sun, Alexandra I. Cristea, Lei Shi
#45: Exploring Bayesian Deep Learning for Urgent Instructor Intervention Need in MOOC Forums (FP)

Roger Nkambou, Janie Brisson, Ange Tato, Serge Robert, Maxime Sainte-Marie
#67: Learning Logical Reasoning Using an Intelligent Tutoring System: Improving the Student Model with a data driven approach (SP)

Oleg Sychev, Anton Anikin, Nikita Penskoy, Mikhail Denisov, Artem Prokudin
#22: CompPrehension – Model-Based Intelligent Tutoring System on Comprehension Level (SP)

Téo Orthlieb, Hamdi Ben Abdessalem, Claude Frasson
#71: Checking Method for Fake News to Avoid the Twitter Effect (P)

Vanesa Getseva, Amruth Kumar
#63: Comparing Bayesian Knowledge Tracing Model Against Naïve Mastery Model (P)


19:10-19:30 Closing Session


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19:30 End of ITS2021 Conference